Surabhi ID

Muzzle pattern, like fingerprint in humans, is unique to each bovine. Surabhi ID, the muzzle-based identity technology launched during the middle of the COVID pandemic year, is now a boon for insurers to identify the bovine during insurance claims. In the last few years, insurers relied on ear tags and injectable RFID tags for identification of the bovine but were prone to tampering and discomfort to cattle.

Surabhi ID provides an easier solution — with just a smartphone and an app — to identify the bovine. This is critical to track productivity, health management and avoid duplication of the asset while offering financial services. We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to capture, retrieve and verify bovine’s identity based on the muzzle prints. Every individual has unique fingerprints that are captured for Aadhaar identification.

Our Solution:

We at Dvara E-Diary solutions aim to provide unique, digital, reliable, easy to use at the last mile long-term solutions that suits the needs of all the stakeholders in the value chain by leveraging new age technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and deep learning models) to establish a unique digital identity of cattle (muzzle identity).