About Dvara E-Dairy
At Dvara E Dairy, our mission revolves around fostering the prosperous expansion of small and marginal dairy farmers. Positioned at the forefront of the thriving Indian dairy economy, valued at a substantial USD 140 billion, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves as the preeminent and reliable platform. We achieve this by offering innovative digital solutions tailored for contemporary demands, while also granting invaluable access to financial resources and expansive value chain markets. Our commitment lies in empowering farmers, while simultaneously securing our prominent standing within this dynamic sector

“Enhance preventive & primary care for cattle and ensure financial access for dairy farmers leveraging new age technology solutions.”

We aim to empower every small and medium dairy farmer in India with comprehensive financial and cattle management solutions to help them participate and prosper in the growing dairy economy by providing them suitable digital solutions by leveraging new age technologies.


Our objective is to help dairy farmers to expand their herd size, increase their income through the enablement of formal finance, insurance, and cattle management solutions. We believe in leveraging new age technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and deep learning models) to provide comprehensive solutions to enable dairy farmers to get access to financial services and to improve their livelihood.

To facilitate profitable growth for small and marginal dairy farmers and becoming the leading trusted platform in the USD 140 Bn Indian dairy economy by providing suitable new age digital solutions and access to financial and value chain markets.