Cattle is the most prevalent income generating asset in most of the rural households. The current cattle loan product is more of “personal loan to the dairy farmer” rather than a “True cattle loan”. The Surabhi Loan form Dvara E-Dairy through a combination of Surabhi Score and Credit Score helps to assess the cattle activities and credit history of the borrower and offer True cattle loan. Lending institutions can take informed decisions based on RED/AMBER/GREEN, scientifically arrived cattle value and estimated cashflow for next 12 months.

Cattle Muzzle

Why Dairy Loan?

Dairy Loan is required for the small and marginal farmers for the following reasons;

What are the Types of Loan available?

Dvara Surabhi Loan (DSL)

Dvara Surabhi Loan (DSL) gives the opportunity for the dairy farmers who owns more than two cattle. It will help them to buy One or More Cattle at affordable rate of interest.

Dvara Surabhi Plus (DSP)

Dvara Surabhi Plus (DSP) or Cattle Maintenance Loan helps the dairy farmers for the purpose of cattle maintenance. Farmers having more than two cattle can avail the loan.

Features & Benefits

Loan Amount – Avail loan amount between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 150000

Availing loan based on SSFA recommendations and Cattle Surabhi Score

No pre-closure

Disbursement must be done through to borrower’s bank account

Repayments are only through digital mode and no cash collection.