The dairy sector is one of the crucial sectors in the Indian economy that not only provides employment to 80 million of rural households but also contributes to the 4.9% GDP.

The Challenges:

Traditional cattle identification methods such as ear tagging with Poly Urethrene tags, and injectable Radio Frequency identification (RFID) tags have their own set of drawbacks.


The primary drawbacks of these ear tags are that they are not cost-effective, require specialised skills to apply and have a limited time span. Likewise, they also get damaged or fade over a period and are also prone to tampering or duplication.


Lack of tamper-proof, scalable, unique digital identity of cattle is one of the reasons for moral hazard, resulting in a higher loss ratio for cattle insurers.

Lack of awareness and scientific knowledge on feed and fodder management resulting in indirect economic losses for cattle owners.

Lack of awareness on primary and preventive health care resulting in decreased productivity of cattle.

Accessibility to good quality veterinary health care services is a growing concern in many parts of the country.

Ever increasing gap between demand and supply in feed and fodder limits the performance of dairy animals.

Late maturity of heifers, ineffective detection of heat symptoms, increased calving interval and disease-causing abortion leads to huge economic loss to cattle owners.

Lack of extension support services leading to very poor knowledge transfer.

Lack of unique, digital animal identification, traceability and records on breeding, productivity, treatment, and vaccination leading to spread of diseases.

Our Solution:

We at Dvara E-Diary solutions aim to provide unique, digital, reliable, easy to use at the last mile long-term solutions that suits the needs of all the stakeholders in the value chain by leveraging new age technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and deep learning models) to establish a unique digital identity of cattle (muzzle identity).

Surabhi Score

Surabhi Score is a comprehensive score arrived based on leveraging new age technologies and advanced veterinary knowledge & practices. Surabhi Score compliments lending decision to scale financial services to small dairy farmers.


The solution surfaces “unknowns” and “undisclosed” through Know Your Cow (KYC) at the click of a button. The solution helps financial services providers (lending and insurance) to underwrite cattle swiftly and accurately.


Dairy farmers are provided with recommendations on breeding issues, feed & fodder management, and preventive & primary care.

The Surabhi Mobile solution

The artificial intelligence driven Surabhi Mobile solution captures muzzle images with the mobile phone. The critical challenge of improving the quality of images and ease of taking muzzle images at the time of image capturing is mitigated through leveraging deep learning models. The muzzle images are stored in a secured cloud server.  Users can compare the cattle’s unique digital identity at the click of a button and retrieve results of a match or no match in less than 60 seconds.

Our Pilot:

We recently conducted a pilot project for Surabhi ID with muzzle images for identifying cows. As per established veterinary science and concepts, muzzle images of cows and buffaloes are like biometric for humans, and it is unique.

Surabhi ID

Muzzle pattern, like fingerprint in humans, is unique to each bovine. Surabhi ID, the muzzle-based identity technology launched during the middle of the COVID pandemic year, is now a boon for insurers to identify the bovine during insurance claims. In the last few years, insurers relied on ear tags and injectable RFID tags for identification of the bovine but were prone to tampering and discomfort to cattle.

Surabhi ID provides an easier solution — with just a smartphone and an app — to identify the bovine. This is critical to track productivity, health management and avoid duplication of the asset while offering financial services. We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to capture, retrieve and verify bovine’s identity based on the muzzle prints. Every individual has unique fingerprints that are captured for Aadhaar identification.