Dr. Manju Patel

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Dr. Manju is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer with Dvara E-Dairy.

She has over 14 years of experience. She holds a PhD in Deep Learning/ Machine Leaning. She also holds a Master of Technology in Computer Science Engineering (Honour) and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering.


Dr. Manju draws inspiration from her parents and loves her mother’s cooking. She enjoys travelling into the remote villages of India and a perfect day in her life would be a good productive workday where she has completed all her responsibilities.


Dr. Manju has a wide array of hobbies which include painting, stitching, beautician, craft with wastage, home interior, mehndi, cooking, spend time with aged people and learning new things.


She enjoys listening to old music and Ghazals and especially Lata Mangeshkar songs. She also reads Science Fiction novels.